About Us

The Rise News

The Rise News will inform citizens with fact-based, objective news and thoughtful commentary that will empower them to understand important issues, impact policy and strengthen our democracy. We will give a voice to the voiceless and be responsible advocates for human rights.

Mission Statement

The Rise News is a non-profit organization, published by TRF that believes in independent journalism [registered under the societies Act, XXI of 1860] because we believe that independent voices can be raised on the heart of digital media if we get freed ourselves from advertisement tools by the state. It is a difficult step to launch TRN website simultaneously not to get advertisement by the state to keep sustaining website. But, we have chosen not to get advertisement from state so as to produce an independent voice.

In the age of digital media, we adequately believe that there should be meaningful online media outlets which let people know through fact-based, thoughtful comments and let voiceless voices be heard of.

Pakistani media is still in growing positing whereas Sindhi media of which has had made its historical impact in past decades, yet Sindhi media is somewhere missing its significant role on digital site. Therefore, we have decided to open the window of Sindhi-English (The Rise News) website to cover issues that are being ignored or side-lined by elite media.

The Rise News believes to cover people’s voices by adopting new techniques of social media reporting to look into solution of issues through the lens of journalism.

Journalism is a powerful platform to aware citizens of their basic rights which have been violated by corrupt system. Unless people know as to what happening inside the governmental section, they cannot hold accountable elected government.

The Rise News – to hold accountable government and reveal the Truth through our fact-based work. TRN is committed to coverage local, national and those issues have internationally impact as corruption, crime, terrorism, violation of human rights, Non-Muslims, women’s and children’s issues, economy policy, education and update our readers through national and foreign news.

The Rise News wants to empower citizens through factual based work but we need your support as well owing to reach stories our journalists need some finical support – The Rise News needs your little gift (donation) in order to give voice to the voiceless.

The Rise News is going to make difference because we believe that words can change the world. Our stories lead you towards the truth. Truth matters.

Donation/sponsorship policy:

The Rise News will empower citizens through our fact-based articles and informative, fair commentary, but we need the help of our citizens and supporters of our mission to sustain our work.

The Rise News is a non-profit organization because need to remain independent and not influenced by those in power. We believe that independent voices can be heard through digital media if we are free from government and commercial advertising revenue. We have chosen not to accept advertisement from the state and will rely solely on individual donations and sponsors, such as non-government organizations, foundations and grants.

The Rise News is committed to transparency: if we write about a person or company that has provided financial support to The Rise News, we will inform readers of that fact within the article. The Rise News will not allow a donation or sponsorship agreement to influence what we write about or what we publish.

The Rise News will encourage donors to allow us to make their financial contribution known to our readers. But The Rise News will not share the identity of donors if they wish to remain anonymous. The Rise News reserves the right to decline donations and sponsorship from people, organizations and businesses that are discriminatory or harmful. One example is Fairness Products, because The Rise News believes people must not be discriminated against or treated favorably because of the color of their skin.