Policies and Terms of Use

Code of Ethics

We strive to report the truth through and provide context and insight through informative opinions. People working for or contributing to The Rise News should:

    • provide content that is based on facts, impartial and balanced.
    • verify all content before submitting for publications. Follow three words for your story – verify, verify and verify. Always ask sources this question: How do you know? The reporter or contributor is solely responsible for ensuring all material submitted is factual.
    • give explicit credit or attribution to any content created by someone else. To not do so is plagiarism, an offense that will end your relationship with TRN.
    • never accept favors, gifts or money from sources or potential sources to avoid damaging your credibility and the credibility of TRN. Customary deeds such as offering tea and food are acceptable if done in moderation.
    • avoid conflicts of interest.
    • acknowledge your own bias and make sure your bias and self-interests are excluded from the content.
    • use an anonymous source only when anonymity is necessary to protect the person’s safety or livelihood. Attempt to verify the information with sources willing to go on the record.
    • do not use the name or photo of a crime victim without the permission of the victim or a family member and NEVER use the name or photograph of a sexual assault victim.
    • understand that sponsors cannot be allowed to influence what is reported and written in TRN.
    • Be free to express your views on social media but think how your views could impact TRN’s reputation.
    • first share news with TRN and then you can share the information on social media.
      accept your mistakes, correct them and respond to people who question your content to ensure the information is clear, correct and fair.
    • be aware that you are a watchdog of the people holding power. Do your best to report the truth and give voice to the voiceless.
    • Respect people’s privacy and respect people’s equal rights.

Republication Rights

The Rise News allows you to republish our material, but you must give explicit credit to the authors and TRN and add links to the original articles, photos, or video. If you submit material from a third party, first ask permission of the owner of the material.

About our Newsletter

The Rise Newsletter keeps you updated about news and stories by email. The Rise News will not share your email address with anyone outside our organization. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter when you want; just follow the instructions on each newsletter.

Comment Policy

We appreciate your valuable comments on our stories, but before commenting, please review our comment policy. If your comments do not follow them, they will be deleted:

      • your comment should be on topic.
      • hate speech is forbidden.
      • do not malign a person’s national origin, religion, sex, race, sexual orientation, disability or age.
      • do not use abusive language or make personal attacks on authors.
      • we reserve the right to delete comments that includes false or misleading information.
      • no self-promotion or promotion of commercial interests is allowed.

if we deny publishing your comment, you can write to us at comment@therisenews.com to receive an explanation.

Submission Policy

The Rise News believes in providing a platform for independent voices. The Rise News encourages you to share your opinions if they follow our ethical guidelines. We expect your commentary will protect people’s privacy. You are responsible for all information you provide.
We do not accept biased, offensive or irrelevant material.

Note: Your email or phone number will never be shared with third-party; it will remain confidential to The Rise News unless you give is explicit permission us to use your email contact in your piece.