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Veengas is the Founder Editor of The Rise News – Pakistan’s first non-profit bilingual digital news organization. A passionate journalist, Veengas envisioned The Rise News as a non-profit digital news outlet when the concept remained alien to many Pakistanis. She chose the non-profit route for The Rise News to avoid the constraints that traditional news funding demands. This has helped The Rise News, which is published in Sindhi & English, be fair, accurate, and responsible in its reportage.

Veengas began as a young columnist and later took up journalism as a full-time career with a Sindhi Newspaper in 2008. Since then, she has never looked back and considers journalism to be her first love. Her writings have appeared in several national and international news outlets, including The Wire in India. Veengas has bagged exclusive political interviews and covered Pakistan’s tumultuous politics, human rights, conflicts, and minority issues. She has closely reported on Forced Conversion cases in the country, which has made her a sought-after expert on the issue. She has delivered lectures, acted as a trainer and mentor for fellow journalists, and is the recipient of several prestigious fellowships. The Book “Pakistan’s Troubled Minorities” is based on her work and stories on minorities.

A Political Science graduate, Veengas has a Master’s degree in History. She prefers to go by her first name but also published stories under the byline Veengas Yasmeen as an ode to her mother. She was born in Shikarpur but lives in Karachi, the capital of Sindh.

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